4 Benefits of Mature Trees on Your Property

Four Benefits of Using Mature Trees on Your Property

Tree care should be a top priority when it comes to reaping the rewards of all that trees have to offer.

If you’ve every made your way through a new development, you’ll notice that one of the finishing touches that are placed on the new property (retail or new housing developments) are several trees that the new owners hope will grow to maturity. There’s something about a tree-lined street that draws you in and adds that special neighborhood comfort. 

When a neighborhood lined with large trees, there’s definitely something appealing about it. Trees naturally add visual interest in any neighborhood or yard. They frame the space and draws your eyes in closer. In fact, studies show that neighborhoods with lots of trees create a more desirable place to live in. Not only do trees add visual appeal to a property, they also have several other benefits! (Just ask one of our expert tree service specialists in Denver about all the benefits! They are passionate about trees.)

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Higher Appraised Value
Mature trees on your property can raise the value of your home. A mature tree can add upwards of a $10,000 appraised value on your home. If your tree is well kept (investing in tree care is important) and is surrounded by beautiful landscape, it greatly increases the price of your home. (If you need to prune your mature tree to get it into a healthier condition, it’s advisable to reach out to one of our tree service professionals in Denver, Arvada, Wheat Ridge or Lakewood!)

Fruit trees actually don’t add value to your property. Fruit trees can be challenging to clean up and often draw in wild animals, so it’s often the homeowner’s personal preference. But overall, other types of trees increase your home’s value!

Keeps Noise Levels Down
If you’ve ever lived near a major highway or street, you know that noise pollution can be a real issue! Trees can function as sound barriers for neighborhoods that experience lots of noise from either traffic or nearby businesses. Trees can work to either absorb or deflect noise, or even work together to achieve both. Large leaf trees or evergreens are particularly better-equipped to trap noise. Also, taller trees make better noise barriers than shorter ones. 

Cleaner Air
If you live in Denver, you know that clean air is a big deal and the city is doing it’s best to minimize pollution. Air quality also impacts your health and that’s where trees can play a role to help offer cleaner air! Trees help remove CO2 and other gases from the air. Essentially, they trap the carbon dioxide and turn it back into oxygen. 

Because trees offer shade during the summer months and warmth during the winter, it lessons are reliability on fossil fuels, since we need to run the air conditioner and heat less. This reduces pollution that gets put back into the air. 

Save On Energy Costs
Planting trees in specific parts of your property could potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy savings! Planting trees that have falling leaves (deciduous) on the west side of your home can provide shade during those Summer months. While in the Winter, after the trees have shed their leaves, it will provide more sunshine and heat for your home. 

Planting evergreen trees on the north side of your home can also block strong winds during those Colorado Winter months. They can help minimize the amount of wind that might move through your home.

Better for Stress
Studies show that trees help people who struggle with anxiety and stress. In fact, more and more mental health professionals and doctors are prescribing nature as a form of therapy for people coping with high levels of stress. Also, forest bathing, a practice where people immerse themselves in a forest has shown tremendous amounts of health benefits. 

Exposure to trees (like Denver’s majestic Cottonwoods) not only helps boost our immune systems, but it also improves mood, increases energy, and improves sleep. There are numerous studies that show that simply looking at trees reduces blood pressure and also stress-related hormones. The takeaway here is that not only are trees good for your pocketbook, but they are also great for your mental health!

For more information on how amazing trees are, you can visit one of our interesting articles below! If you need more advice on tree care, please contact one of our tree service specialists! We also provide other stump removal and tree removal in Arvada, Denver, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and other surrounding areas!

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