Our Favorite Parks and Hiking Trails near Denver

Being a unique city almost smack dab in the middle of the U.S. that is surrounded by nature, Denver, CO is not a bad place to be a tree service professional for a living. In fact, in most areas in Denver you can peak outside and see the mountains off in the distance. It’s one of the most scenic and beautiful places to live and visit. Most people that choose to live in Denver come here for the vast opportunities to spend time outdoors throughout the year.

If you’re into nature (especially getting in some forrest bathing), our tree service pros in Denver have kindly put together a list of some of our must-see parks to visit that have a vast array of native trees, outdoor activities, and rock formations!

Colorado mountains and evergreen trees
Photo by JoEllen Moths on Pexels.com

Bear Creek Lake
Located 20 miles west of the Cherry Creek neighborhood, this park offers all kinds of activities for outdoorsy people who like archery, horse riding, fishing, camping, hiking or mountain biking. It’s centered around three lakes at the foothills of the mountains near Red Rocks. 

White Ranch Park
White Ranch Park is located 26 miles northwest of Denver. It’s one of the largest parks in the area with 20 miles of hiking trails that offer both rugged and gentle terrains that can accommodate any type of hiker. They also offer camping grounds that allow for tent-only and walk-in camping. The scenery is beautiful there with open meadow and buttes. You can also see the Denver skyline off in the distance or do some white water rafting. 

One of the areas biggest draws is the Flatirons, which are the striking reddish brown sandstone formations that are at the foothills of the mountains near Boulder. There are several trails located here that will take you from the ground all the way up to the tops of the Flatirons. The scenery is filled with rocks and native trees while you walk throughout the trail. They also offer awe-inspiring views of the Boulder area and beyond. If you’re into rock climbing, the Flatirons are a popular spot for novice and advanced climbers. 

Garden of the Gods
If you’re down for a little road trip, the Garden of the Gods is one of the most beautiful awe-provoking parks in the Colorado area. Situated near the base of the Rocky Mountains, these ancient rock formations are surrounded by flat meads to the east and seem to jut out of the ground by pure accident. They tower nearly 300’ feet into the air and offer dramatic views. These red jagged rocks are a stark contrast to the deep brown tree-covered mountains to the west. You can hike and climb these red rocks and view the scenery for miles westward. 

Flat Irons Vista
If hiking up mountains or hill is not your thing, then the Flat Irons Vista offers hiking that lets you admire wide open spaces. Located just south of Boulder, it provides views off in the distance of where you can see formations rise out of the flat land around you. You’ll wind through Ponderosa Pines and flat meadows. This is a wonderful hike for an afternoon walking meditation. 

There are so many options to explore in the Denver area to take in the vast and unique scenery that Colorado has to offer (while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out some of our favorite healthy restaurants in Denver). What are your favorite hiking trails to see the various native trees and landscape? Send us a note and let us know! Our Denver tree care experts would love to hear from you.

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