Tips for Hiking Denver to See Fall Leaves

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Fall is gorgeous throughout Denver and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the beauty the area has to offer. Before heading out, our Denver tree service pros suggest that there are a few things that should be done to make the trip far more enjoyable, safer, and the perfect day out. Use the following tips to get ready for your next hike to see the fall leaves changing colors and enjoy the stunning scenery outside of the city.

Find the Right Time to Go

The best time to see fall foliage is during the month of September. Residents will want to plan their hike when they’re starting to see the leaves nearby changing. Leaves will start changing earlier in the northern areas, so once the nearby leaves start changing, start looking into northern hiking trails to enjoy. For the best time to go, start hiking early in the morning. This leaves plenty of time to stop and take breaks and allows for longer hikes without camping. Plus, the trails won’t be as crowded early in the morning, so there will be plenty of parking and fewer people on the trails.

Choose the Perfect Trail

Denver has plenty of trails with stunning views, so almost any trail is a great option. Top trails to check out include Ptarmigan Lake at Cottonwood Pass, Chicago Lakes, the Upper Piney Falls Trail, and the Caves to Lookout Point in Crested Butte. All of these offer the views you’re looking for and will be a great hike to enjoy alone or with friends and family members. Avoid trails like Kenosha Pass or the Rocky Mountain National park this time of the year. These trails tend to be packed, with potentially thousands of visitors during the year, so they may not be as much fun to do.

Pack Appropriately

Pack to enjoy the hike. Wear layered clothes so it’s easy to take off or put on a jacket as the weather changes throughout the day. Bring plenty of water, enough for everyone to stay well hydrated during the hike, and wear comfortable walking shoes to prevent blisters and other pain. Pack a map of the area, as well, to avoid getting lost, especially in areas where cell service may be limited. For longer hikes, pack snacks as well as any necessary safety gear or first aid supplies. A backpack can carry everything needed on single-day hikes, including a camera for capturing the amazing views.

Check Trails Before Leaving

Check local websites for updates on trail closures before leaving and view online maps to check out the traffic in the area. If there is heavy traffic, it may be best to choose an alternative hike to avoid a large number of hikers on a single trail. Keep an eye on the weather, as well, and prepare to wait to hike if there will be severe weather in the area. If the weather’s great, traffic isn’t too heavy, and the trail is open, it’s time to head out on the hike.

Whether you’re new to the area or just want to get out and enjoy the magic of the changing leaves during the fall, there are plenty of trails in and around Denver to check out. Use the tips here to make sure your trip is amazing and that you get to see the views you’ve been wanting to see!

Do you have additional tips for hiking in Denver to see the Fall leaves? Give our tree care team a call! We’re also here to answer any questions related to tree removal or tree trimming!

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