What time of year is cheapest for tree removal in Longmont?

If you’re wondering what the best time of year to remove a tree is and save some money, the honest answer is that it depends! The cost of having a tree removed by a tree service company can vary depending on a number of factors. This can include the size and location of the tree,Continue reading “What time of year is cheapest for tree removal in Longmont?”

Fun in the Sun While Visiting Colorado

Our tree service team in Denver love all of the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer! Our tree service team in Denver knows how to have fun in the sun. When many people think of Colorado, they bring to mind snow sports. However, this state offers plenty of activities during the summer months. IfContinue reading “Fun in the Sun While Visiting Colorado”

Spring Tree Care: Help Your Trees Look Great and Stay Healthy

The sun’s out in full force, birds are chirping and building nests, and the weather is starting to warm up. Spring in Colorado is arguably the best time of the year, and it’s the perfect time to start looking over the trees on the property to make sure they’re in good shape and ready forContinue reading “Spring Tree Care: Help Your Trees Look Great and Stay Healthy”

Winter Tree Service Tips

Ever wonder why it’s important to keep your trees healthy in winter? When the weather begins to turn cold in the winter months, it’s time to call a tree service professional in Longmont to help assess your trees. In Colorado, trees can damage easily from ice, snow and fluctuations in temperature. Caring for your treesContinue reading “Winter Tree Service Tips”

Tips for Hiking Denver to See Fall Leaves

Fall is gorgeous throughout Denver and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the beauty the area has to offer. Before heading out, our Denver tree service pros suggest that there are a few things that should be done to make the trip far more enjoyable, safer, and the perfect day out. UseContinue reading “Tips for Hiking Denver to See Fall Leaves”

Planting Native Trees in Denver

Have you ever walked down a Denver neighborhood street and wondered about the origin of some of the trees? All those trees you see, whether they are oak or maple trees, all have a history of origin. That history plays an important role in the types of trees that you can grow in your region.Continue reading “Planting Native Trees in Denver”

How Trees Make Your Life Better

Why Trees Can Make You Happier As a family tree service, our tree care specialists at Urban Forestry Tree Service love trees – and sometimes we have even known to hug them on occasion! Whenever we’re near one of these giant plants, we feel a sense of comfort and a feeling as if we’re somehowContinue reading “How Trees Make Your Life Better”

The Best Low Maintenance Tree for Your Landscape in Colorado

Tree care on your landscape doesn’t always have to be complicated. In fact, we always recommend that aspiring landscape architects start with trees that are a bit more forgiving to any potential costly mistakes (in other words – keep it simple stupid)! That’s where low maintenance trees come into play… If you’re not already familiarContinue reading “The Best Low Maintenance Tree for Your Landscape in Colorado”

Best Time of Year to Plant Trees in Colorado

Spring is here, and along with the change of season comes one of the best times to plant new trees! And we can think of no better way to beautify your landscape and lower your stress levels than to honor planet Earth with new growth! At the time of this writing, COVID-19 social distancing andContinue reading “Best Time of Year to Plant Trees in Colorado”

Does Vitamin B1 Help Plants Grow?

So sure, as tree service experts in Denver we may not exactly be gardeners, but we have stumbled across this myth more than once in our landscaping careers – the idea that Vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine) acts as some kind of miracle nutrient to help plants grow healthier and larger, especially when administeredContinue reading “Does Vitamin B1 Help Plants Grow?”