Plant Classification of Trees and Shrubs

Genus. Species. Hybrid names. Cultivars. The following article on plant classification is for the more scientifically-minded and botanically-inclined who may desire to dive a bit deeper than our usual posts on the topics of landscaping, pruning, or transplanting. This time around, we’re sharing this resource with you directly from The Complete Encyclopedia of Trees andContinue reading “Plant Classification of Trees and Shrubs”

Preparing Your Soil for Tree Planting

The following are instructions on how to properly prepare your soil for tree planting taken from The Biodynamic Orchard Book – a wonderful resource for planting fruit trees, berries and shrub! Read on and enjoy… The treatment of fruit trees, berries and shrubs should be undertaken with the aim of producing healthy plants and fruits, while avoidingContinue reading “Preparing Your Soil for Tree Planting”

Landscaping With The Quaking Aspen

One of my favorite books explains how you can take common native trees and incorporate them into your landscaping called “Landscaping with Native Trees”. Not only do natural/native trees create visual interest, but it also makes it feel as if they perfectly belong in the environment. This book details out a list of native treesContinue reading “Landscaping With The Quaking Aspen”

5 Popular Composting Myths

Composting is good for the planet. It helps to divert waste away from our landfills and in return, it helps contribute to fewer greenhouse gases. If you’ve ever wanted to start composting, here’s a great article from “Garden Myths” by Robert Pavlis that shows you how to properly start composting. Myth #1: Compost Needs theContinue reading “5 Popular Composting Myths”

Native Denver Trees: Cottonwood

Two species of cottonwood trees, the narrowleaf cottonwood and plains cottonwood, are not only abundant throughout Denver, but also a sight to behold. These majestic trees can tower as high as 60 feet high, and the female trees are well-know for releasing their cottony “snow” in the springtime (which also happens to be a sourceContinue reading “Native Denver Trees: Cottonwood”

How Trees Reproduce: With Help From Their Friends

Have you ever wondered how trees reproduce and make baby trees? Trees actually reproduce through cultivation and sexually by using an exchange of pollen between the female and male reproductive systems. Trees are considered asexual, however, a single tree can have both female and male flowers. They also rely on evolutions and adaptations to preventContinue reading “How Trees Reproduce: With Help From Their Friends”

Tips for Successfully Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

If you’ve ever wondered how to properly maintain the health of transplanted trees or shrubs, we’ve got your covered with this fantastic and informative passage from Growing Trees from Seed. As you might imagine, there are a number of variables that can cause stress to a tree and render a transplant procedure unsuccessful. These includeContinue reading “Tips for Successfully Transplanting Trees and Shrubs”

10 Fascinating Facts About Trees

Trees are fascinating living organisms. As the oldest living beings on our planet, they continue to create so many benefits for humans and the other species on our planet. Here is just a short list of interesting facts about trees.  Trees are one of the oldest species on this planet. Scientists believe that trees areContinue reading “10 Fascinating Facts About Trees”

Termite Warning Signs

Termites can cause an incredible amount of damage to your home. It’s important to notice the warning signs and eliminate termites before they become an infestation on your property. What is a termite?Termites are small insects that feed on wood and often make their way into our home. They are very small creatures who onlyContinue reading “Termite Warning Signs”

How Do Trees Conserve Soil?

All civilization depends on trees for our survival. Humans are dependent upon trees, not only for cleaning our air but also because they support our precious ecosystem. Our ecosystems rely on trees to help reduce soil erosion, prevent flooding and droughts. These all have a downstream effect when it comes to also improving the livesContinue reading “How Do Trees Conserve Soil?”