Tips for Successfully Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

If you’ve ever wondered how to properly maintain the health of transplanted trees or shrubs, we’ve got your covered with this fantastic and informative passage from Growing Trees from Seed. As you might imagine, there are a number of variables that can cause stress to a tree and render a transplant procedure unsuccessful. These includeContinue reading “Tips for Successfully Transplanting Trees and Shrubs”

10 Fascinating Facts About Trees

Trees are fascinating living organisms. As the oldest living beings on our planet, they continue to create so many benefits for humans and the other species on our planet. Here is just a short list of interesting facts about trees.  Trees are one of the oldest species on this planet. Scientists believe that trees areContinue reading “10 Fascinating Facts About Trees”

Termite Warning Signs

Termites can cause an incredible amount of damage to your home. It’s important to notice the warning signs and eliminate termites before they become an infestation on your property. What is a termite?Termites are small insects that feed on wood and often make their way into our home. They are very small creatures who onlyContinue reading “Termite Warning Signs”

How Do Trees Conserve Soil?

All civilization depends on trees for our survival. Humans are dependent upon trees, not only for cleaning our air but also because they support our precious ecosystem. Our ecosystems rely on trees to help reduce soil erosion, prevent flooding and droughts. These all have a downstream effect when it comes to also improving the livesContinue reading “How Do Trees Conserve Soil?”

Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Trees

You probably already know that trees are a vital part of the survival of every living species on this planet. Without trees, none of us would be here. With the assistance of trees, we can reverse climate change, since they act as our natural filtration system for our planet. They are an important part inContinue reading “Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Trees”

Why Trees are Important to Wildlife

Here at Urban Forestry, we’re big fans of critters! We actually take great pride in making sure that all critters are protected when we go to remove or trim trees as part of our service.  We keep in mind that these are habitats and sanctuaries for animals including (but not limited to) birds, squirrels, snakes,Continue reading “Why Trees are Important to Wildlife”

Our Favorite Parks and Hiking Trails near Denver

Denver is a unique city almost smack dab in the middle of the U.S. that is surrounded by nature. In fact, in most areas in Denver you can peak outside and see the mountains off in the distance. It’s one of the most scenic and beautiful places to live and visit. Most people that choose toContinue reading “Our Favorite Parks and Hiking Trails near Denver”

How Much Does Tree Care Cost?

Tree Trimming Tree trimming costs can vary depending on several different reasons. Hiring a professional to trim your tree can range anywhere from $100 – $1,000+ with $300 being the average price for most straight forward services. The size of the tree is the biggest determining factor when it comes to the cost. Smaller treesContinue reading “How Much Does Tree Care Cost?”

Safely Felling a Tree

When hiring a certified arborist, remember that safety is always the first priority! Felling trees is risky business, and performing a tree limbing or removal job without respecting safety protocols can presents serious liabilities to you, your family, and your home. As outlined in our article, What Is An Arborist?, arborists are highly trained andContinue reading “Safely Felling a Tree”

Caring For Your Black Walnut Tree

The black walnut is a stately native of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, with a huge crown and dark, ridged bark. Its nuts have been used for their oil and protein by indigenous people for at least 4,000 years, and its timber – durable and chocolate-brown – has for centuries been over-exploitedContinue reading “Caring For Your Black Walnut Tree”