Lakewood, CO

With the Rocky Mountains as its backdrop, Lakewood, Colorado is approximately seven miles west of the state’s capital, Denver. It’s surrounded by major thoroughfares, including state highways, U.S. Routes, and interstates, which makes it easy to get to the main campuses of Red Rock Community College and Colorado Christian University. 

First settled at the end of the 19th century, Lakewood made a name for itself as a resort town for Denver’s wealthiest inhabitants. In 1893, an electric tram network known as the Loop was established, connecting the city with Denver and Golden. Fast forward to 1969, when Lakewood became incorporated and became one of the country’s largest cities. Here, you’ll learn more cool facts about Lakewood, Colorado.

Culture, Arts, and Entertainment

At the Lakewood Heritage Center, the city’s history comes to life. Found in Belmar Park, this museum is home to almost a dozen historic buildings, thousands of artifacts, an outdoor amphitheater, and a festival space. 

At the 38,000 square foot Lakewood Cultural Center, you’ll see exhibits and performances by local, nationally, and internationally recognized artists. Finally, the Washington Heights Arts Center, which is in a renovated schoolhouse from the early 1900s, hosts a range of dance and arts classes for students of all ages.

While Lakewood is known for its wildlife and flora, it has also gained a reputation as a destination for those interested in the visual and performing arts. There’s an entire district of art installations and galleries, so there’s no shortage of culture here. And, if that’s not enough, you can visit Lakewood’s revitalized central area, where you’ll find cafés, bars, breweries, and live music venues. If there’s one thing Lakewood residents know about, it’s having a good time! 

In the sections below, we’ll show you some of the best things to do in Lakewood.

Bear Creek Lake Park

If you’re looking for a one-stop selection of fun activities, Bear Creek Lake Park is the place to be. Known for its miles of trails that take visitors and locals all over the area, as well as its stunning mountain views, Bear Creek Lake Park will give you more than just a good workout.

If you’d like to do something different, there’s an archery range that offers target practice sessions, along with equestrian trails for riders of all experience levels. If that’s still not enough, Bear Creek Lake Park is home to Big Soda Lake, where locals and tourists alike love to go fishing and boating.

Everitt Farms

For those that like to get out and enjoy the best that nature has to offer, Everitt Farms has it all. Here, you’ll find over 25 acres of farmland with a focus on sustainable practices. Along with the farm, there’s a marketplace where you can buy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also seasonal attractions, such as corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree lots, which provide year-round fun for everyone in the family.

The Lakewood Heritage Center

For those interested in the city’s history, the Lakewood Heritage Center is a vacation must-see. The Heritage Center offers tours, as well as presentations where costumed teachers re-enact the classroom experience of 1920s Denver. 

The Lakewood Heritage Center also hosts the city’s yearly Cider Days Harvest Festival, which has been held for more than three decades. At the Center, you’ll see several historical buildings, as well as thousands of artifacts from every stage of the city’s evolution. Finish your visit with a stop at the 20th Century Emporium, the museum’s gift shop.

What Kind of Fun Things Are There to Do Near Lakewood?

While Lakewood is home to dozens of natural and historical attractions, there’s tons of stuff to do nearby, too. Just ten minutes away, you’ll find the city of Denver, which is home to numerous professional sports teams. Baseball fans can root for the Colorado Rockies, while football fanatics get to cheer on the Broncos. 

Professional hoops fans can watch the Denver Nuggets in action, while hockey fans can follow the Avalanche. There are also lacrosse and soccer teams in the city of Denver, such as the Colorado Rapids (MLS) and the Colorado Mammoth (NLL). No matter which sports you care to watch, you’ll see plenty of action in Lakewood and the surrounding area.

Take a Trip to Lakewood and Create Memories That Last a Lifetime

Whether you are visiting for business or for pleasure, there’s a lot to see, do, and experience in Lakewood, Colorado. From cultural spots such as the Lakewood Heritage Center and the Cultural Center to a bustling nightlife district with shops, eateries, bars, and music venues, there is something for everyone here. Visit us online to learn more about the city or start planning your trip today. The residents of Lakewood look forward to meeting you soon!

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