Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tree Services in Denver, CO

We often get questions about the tree services we provide in Denver, CO. Here are a list of several questions to help you make the best tree care decisions that are right for you!

Are your tree service pros licensed and insured?

Yes. We are both licensed AND insured. It’s important that you partner with tree care service providers that have both.

Our tree service professionals in Denver are happy to provide you with certificates upon request when we give you an estimate for our work.

Does your tree removal crew remove debris?

Yes, unless there is a unique request not to provide these services. Oftentimes, a customer will request that some of the wood be left for firewood. We’re more than happy to accommodate those requests.

In our quotes, we will always include limb and debris removal. Our Denver tree service pros go to great lengths to ensure that your property is left clean and tidy after tree trimming or tree removal services. Your yard should look the same (or better!) after we’ve completed a job.

Will there be damage to my yard after tree removal or tree trimming jobs?

Typically, there should be no damage whatsoever to your property. In some small instances, there may be some small damage to the surface of your lawn that is unavoidable due to the weight of the tree branches or trunks when they are cut down. Our tree trimming and tree removal experts do our best to avoid this at all costs and keep your lawn in the same condition it was when we arrived.

How will you safely remove the tree branches growing over my roof?

As Denver professional tree service providers, we have several ways to safely remove tree branches that are hanging over the roof of your home. We will use roping techniques and carefully cut the portion of the tree that needs to be removed to ensure that there will be no damage to your home. For more information about tree trimming or tree removal in Denver, CO, give us a call!

Will power lines make your work more dangerous when you remove a tree?

Not at all. We can work around power lines in almost every case. If there are power lines in the area, we will also reach out to Xcel energy and they will work with us while we remove your tree or limbs to make sure that there are no instances of a damaged power line when we’re providing tree removal in Denver, CO.

Does tree removal include stump removal too?

That’s entirely up to you! When we provide you with a quote, we will also include an estimate for stump removal in Denver. Some of our customers will decide to leave the stump to help save costs.

Do you have additional questions for our Denver tree service experts?

Give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have!

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