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If your trees are too big

No problem, our Denver tree trimming experts can reduce the height or spread of your trees. By using arboricultural techniques to reduce trees properly we will maintain the trees structural integrity and form and reduce the amount of future pruning required.

If your section looks messy & your trees block out too much light

Form pruning, thinning, or a good trim and tidying up of your trees and shrubs may be just what is needed! Form pruning your trees will remove dead, diseased, or dangerous branches, improve structure, enhance vigour, and maintain safety. Our Denver tree service experts will thin your trees which will highlight the branch structure and allow in more light.

If you think your tree is dangerous

There are a number defects that will make your tree more likely to fail or shed branches. These include re-growth from topping, broken or partially attached branches, open cavities, dead or dying branches, decay in old wounds, a change in soil grade or level, or other construction activity. If you are concerned about the health or safety of your tree, contact our Denver tree trimming experts now for a free consultation to assess your tree.

If you want your garden to have the “wow” factor

Our Denver tree service experts can advise how to add charm and character to your garden plants. For example removing the lower branches of a shrub or tree creates light and space for under planting and can also reveal attractive bark or branch structure. Additionally, we can create focal points in your garden by thinning to add character and grace to a formless tree or shrub.  Contact us now for a free consult with a tree care specialist!

If you want to protect the trees on your construction site

Unfortunately the processes involved with construction can be deadly to nearby trees. Usually the trees won’t die immediately but will decline over several years. Some of the main ways trees are damaged during construction include physical injury to the trunk or crown, cutting of roots, soil compaction, smothering roots and exposure to elements. The good news is that it is possible to preserve trees on building sites if the right measures are taken. Our Denver tree care team can assist you during the planning stage of your development, help you decide which trees can be saved and can work with your builder to protect the trees throughout each construction phase.

If you want new trees planted

We are happy to advise on the trees that would be best for your property. We can provide a planting plan and supply and plant the trees for you.

Call our Denver tree service team today for a complimentary evaluation!

Give us a call and our friendly staff would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free quote for any tree trimming or tree removal you might need!

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