Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Trees

Traditionally, when we use the term “tree care”, it’s not unusual to imagine your local Denver tree service expert taking care of your tree removal, pruning, or stump grinding needs. But we would like to broaden the definition of tree care to include the idea of trees taking care of us

So you probably already know that trees are a vital part of the survival of every living species on this planet. Without trees, none of us would be here. With the assistance of trees, we can reverse climate change, since they act as our natural filtration system for our planet. They are an important part in keeping our air clean and breathable. 

Trees also add natural beauty to our landscape. Humans have an instinctive draw towards trees that’s undeniable. The presence of trees has been known to make people feel calmer and happier, as research studies show. Trees also have several interesting characteristics. 

Here are some top fascinating facts about trees below:

Forest of trees

Trees Never Die From Old Age

Trees will never die from old age like many other species on this planet. Trees often die from things like insect infestation, disease, weather related injury, or even from human causes. Some trees live to be thousands of years old. In fact, there is one tree in Colorado that is said to be more than 2,000 years old.

Trees “Talk” to Each Other

Did you know that trees have their own communication system? Trees use water, nutrients, and moss to communicate with each other. They can send each other warnings about drought or even insects. Here’s a great video where you can learn more about how trees communicate.

The Largest Tree is Right Here In the US

If you’ve ever driven through the Redwood forests in California, you probably noticed how insanely large and tall these trees are. The Giant Sequoia that lives in this forests are not only the largest tree, but they are also the tallest. It also claims stake to being the most gargantuan living being in the entire world. It’s as tall as a 33 story building and weighs almost 3 tons. 

Trees Can Defend Themselves

There are some trees that can produce chemicals that can fend off insects that might try to eat their leaves or fruit. They can also send off airborne warning signals to outlying trees, as we learned above. This allows other trees to get a head start to begin defending themselves.

You Can Use Trees to Guide You When Hiking

Trees can act as a navigation guide or a compass. In climates like Colorado, moss will grow on the northern side of a tree. Also, tree rings can also be used to tell what direction is north or south. The rings of a tree trunk are slightly thicker on the southern side if a tree grows in the northern hemisphere, because it receives more light.

Trees are the Oldest Living Organisms on our Planet

In Utah, a colony of Quaking Aspen, is believed to be the oldest living organism on Earth. The 105 acre colony is made of genetically identical trees, called stems, connected by a single 80,000 year old root system. 

The Earth Has Fewer Trees 

Agriculture has completely altered the how many trees there are now on our planet. We now have 46% less trees now than we did at the beginning of the agricultural revolution more than 12,000 years ago. Humans have deforested vast amounts of land to make room for crops.

Interested to learn more amazing facts about trees? Send an inquiry to one of our capable family tree service specialists, and consider reaching out to us for a free tree trim estimate in Denver. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our passion for tree care!

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