Winter Tree Service Tips

Ever wonder why it’s important to keep your trees healthy in winter?

When the weather begins to turn cold in the winter months, it’s time to call a tree service professional in Longmont to help assess your trees. In Colorado, trees can damage easily from ice, snow and fluctuations in temperature. Caring for your trees properly keeps them healthy, so they will grown and thrive in the spring. 

Add Mulch Around Trees

Although Colorado winters can be snowy, drought can also be a common problem since we don’t get rain. Adding mulch around your trees can help keep the water in the soil and prevent any tree damage. To add mulch around your tree, make sure to start a few inches away from the tree’s base and add at least 6 inches of mulch around the tree. Be sure to make sure that your mulch is organic, as it will add additional nutrients to feed your tree.

Prune and Trim Your Trees

Many people may not realize this, but winter is the perfect time to trim and prune your tree! Without the leaves blocking your view, you can see if your tree has any weak or damaged branches. It’s important to trim during the winter months, as the weight of snow can easily break off branches. Removing these dead and damaged branches allows the tree to focus on growth that matters when the weather starts to warm in the spring. 

Avoid Cold Stress

In the Colorado climate, the weather can often change rapidly during various times of the day. With the fluctuations in temperatures, trees can often suffer from something called “cold stress”. Cold stress occurs when you see substantial cracks in the bark. Many times, trees can often repair themselves, but sometimes you need to take precautions to prevent this from happening. Wrapping trees with a blanket or a tarp can help prevent damage and maintain a consistent temperature which will avoid damage from severe weather during the winter months.

Remove Any Hazardous Trees

Winter is a great time for tree removal projects. If a tree is a safety threat due to damage, it’s important to have it safely removed by a tree care professional. Stumps leftover from the removed tree can also be a hazard too. Be sure to have the professional remove it too.

Removing a tree from your property can also have other benefits too. The chips leftover from the ground stump can also break down in the soil where it will add nutrients to the ground. In turn, the tree can use those nutrients and grow stronger in the spring and summer months. 

Keep an Eye Your Trees

During the winter months, pests often use trees for shelter. You should check your tree regularly to see if animals have made a tree their home. Rodents, such as mice or rats, can cause damage to your tree during the cold season. You may need to hire a pest control professional to remove the rodents from your tree to help protect if from damage. These professionals will use bait, repellants, or traps to properly remove the pests from your tree. 

The wintertime months are also a wonderful time to trim or remove your trees because growth has slowed. When you take the time to prepare your trees from spring, your trees will be stronger, healthier, and thrive during the warmer seasons. As always, be sure to contact a tree service professional to be sure that the job is done correctly!

Call a Tree Service Professional in Longmont, CO

Be sure to call a tree service professional in the Boulder county or Longmont area to assess any potential damage. Our professionals here at Urban Forestry Tree Service would be more than happy to stop by to take a look at your trees!

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